About Us

Our Story

Our inspiration came from our founders: brothers Braxton and Clay who enjoy seltzers but wanted something more. Appreciating the low-calorie, non-filling qualities of seltzers, they set out to create a better tasting, cleaner, and more refreshing seltzer. After extensive testing and research, they found that a combination of carefully crafted, all-natural flavors combined with premium spirits and pure seltzer water created the optimal, crisp drink.

Having both grown up and attended college in Kentucky, Braxton and Clay knew they wanted to start this business close to home. Louisville – specifically, the vibrant NuLu Marketplace – was the perfect location. They brought their new drinks to the Derby City and continue to push the possibilities for seltzer and define the “seltzery” experience, applying painstaking detail to every aspect of their drinks and space. They are thrilled to share their passion with you and hope that The Local Seltzery becomes your go-to spot in Louisville!

Our Product

Our priority is to make and serve the best seltzer drinks available in a modern vibrant venue. It is fair to say The Local Seltzery is obsessed with providing the cleanest, most creative, and refreshing beverages on the market. We continuously roll out new products, while trying to keep with what's in season and staying ahead of the rest of the beverage industry.

Our Ingredients

Good drinks don't have to be loaded with sugar and other additives. By using all-natural, clean ingredients, we serve flavorful and refreshing drinks with a fraction of the carbs and calories of traditional cocktails and beers. Further, all our drinks are vegan and gluten-free, without sacrificing taste. Also, going to a bar does not have to revolve around alcohol. While we proudly serve alcoholic drinks, we also offer non-alcoholic versions of most of our seltzers. Enjoy our refreshing seltzers in the company of friends without having to settle for the limited, boring, standard alcohol-free options.

Our Local Collaborations

We are proud of our products and space, but it would not have been possible without the help of local, Louisville-based geniuses. From our architect and contractors, who helped bring the idea to life; to the artists and horticulturists, who liven up our business; to our digital media and food vendors, who add an entertaining spin to our spot; we have gone with this city’s finest creators. We are committed to working with our community to create an experience we can all enjoy together.

Our Purpose

To define the premium “seltzery” experience.

At the time of our opening, there were only a small handful of “seltzeries” in the United States. Seltzer products were growing in popularity and familiarity, but a dedicated space to enjoy craft seltzers – seltzeries – was a new concept. We set out to define this experience, creating a space that was just as unique as our products. We’re confident we have achieved this. We also took a distinctive approach with our products. Through implementing a novel, computer-controlled seltzer gun delivery system, we can accurately and efficiently serve each customer their made-to-order, delicious beverage. This technology enables us to serve our customers more quickly and consistently than most other bars. Again, we’re consistently striving for a more premium experience for our customers.

Our Mission

To serve our local community premium seltzer products in a vibrant space with exceptional service.

At The Local Seltzery, we know the customer experience is as much about the product as it is about the environment and the service, and we do not shy away from dwelling on the details pertaining to each. We are honored to serve a product our customers can feel good about drinking, in a venue our community can be proud of. Maintaining this standard is our highest priority, and we will endlessly pursue this mission.